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Welcome to Troop 815, the oldest Boy Scout Troop in Danville. Over 170 Eagle Scouts have emerged from Troop 815 since we were chartered, in 1969. We give young men the opportunity to develop leadership skills while contributing to the local community and having a great time in the outdoors.

Backpacking, camping, sailing, hiking, and biking and much more are all part of our exciting outdoor program, with age appropriate activities for everyone. Check us out today!


New Scout Program
Continuing Scouts

We have a comprehensive "First Year" program designed to help your Scout learn, achieve and advance within the Troop. Most of all, the program is designed to have fun, learn new skills, and get into the outdoors! 

Our ongoing scout program is setup to ensure continuing scouts have fun and get opportunities to develop leadership skills. The Patrol Leadership Council designs the meetings and activities for all levels of advancement.

Checking Merit Badge and Rank Progress

As we transition to online scouting, we have fewer opportunities to meet in person and check on progress for ranks and merit badges. If you need to check on your progress for your merit badges or ranks we have the troop master website. In order to access your profile you need to click the link below, then log into your troop master account. Once you are signed in look for the advancements tab at the top of the screen then scroll down to your name and click view. You will be able to check your progress on all your badges.

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